Twiggs Lane Pre-school in Marchwood is a charity run pre-school which was opened in 1986. In February 2011 the pre-school became a Company Limited by Guarantee and is now managed by a board of directors. The pre-school operates from a rented classroom in Marchwood Infant School.

The Pre School room is fully equipped for young children. It has direct access to washroom facilities and its own enclosed garden, with an all-weather surface and grassed area.

The aim of Twiggs Lane Pre-School is to:

  • Provide high quality care and education for children aged from 2 years to 4 years old
  • Work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop
  • Add to the life and well-being of its local community
  • Offer children and their parents a service which promotes equality and values diversity

As a member of Twiggs Lane Pre-School, your child:

  • Is in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Is given generous care and attention; we have a high ratio of adults to children
  • Has the chance to join with other children and adults to play, work and learn together
  • Is helped to take forward his/her learning and development by being helped to build on what he/she already knows and can do
  • Has a personal key person who, along with all other members of staff, enables your child to fulfil their potential and make good progress in all the areas of learning
  • Is in a pre-school which sees you as a partner helping your child to learn and develop
  • Is in a pre-school in which parents can help to shape the service it offers

You can download our prospectus in PDF form here. Alternatively, you can request a printed version by contacting us.